Yocum, Christy
Christy M. Yocum       
Grades 7-12

****School Shutdown assignments- Work on IXL and/or Stride Academy 30 minutes per day. 
Hello, My name is Christy Mayo Yocum. It has been my pleasure to be a part of the Gaston community and school since 1998. I taught in our elementary school for many years before becoming a high school resource teacher. I have to be one lucky lady to teach at such a great school. I have been teaching over twenty years and find true joy in seeing students every day. Primarily I am the resource and reading teacher for high school. I am also the 8th grade girls mentoring teacher. I love to teach and help others so this is a perfect profession for me. I like to see where kids are academically and take them as far as they can go.
Outside of school I stay busy with being a wife and mother of two children. My grandmother always wanted a teacher in our family and I am so glad that she encouraged me to be a teacher. I feel blessed to be a part of such an honorable profession. I get to encourage students to do their best and work hard every day. In all of my years of teaching, I haven't met a perfect student or teacher. But, that's what I like most, we make mistakes and learn from them and move forward.

Christy Yocum and family
Christy Yocum, husband Chris and children Cy and Colby.
11th Grade Girls Mentoring
11th Grade Girls Mentoring Group.