Heath, Wesley
I am very excited to have the opportunity to work at such a great school as Gaston.  I teach a variety of classes and age groups over the course of the day.  My schedule is as follows:

1st Period: Intermediate Agriscience
2nd Period: 11th Grade American History
3rd Period: Fundamentals of Agriscience
4th Period: Fundamentals of Agriscience
5th Period: History 201/202 Dual Enrollment
6th Period: Advanced Agriscience
7th Period: Agriscience Exploration
8th Period: Intro to Agriscience

Course Syllabus Advanced Agriscience.doc
Course Syllabus American History II.doc
Course Syllabus Agriscience Explorations.doc
Course Syllabus Intro to Ag.docx
Course Syllabus Intermediate Agriscience.doc
Course Syllabus.docx

Extra work for extended break is attached below.  Click on the links below each class name to access the material.

1st Period:
project 1.docx
2nd Period
1920s Webquest.doc
3rd Period
project 1.docx
4th Period
project 1.docx
5th Period
All assignments will be distributed via email.
6th Period
project 1.docx
7th and 8th Periods
Introduction to Agriscience Animal Breeds Project.docx