Family Wellness

Gaston High School

Mrs. Allen, Instructor

Family Wellness


Course Description:

Family Wellness is a ½ credit course designed for students interested in health issues that impact individuals, families, and communities.  This course provides opportunities for students to explore family health throughout the stages of the life span.  Topics include personal and family health goals; health promotion; health risks; communication skills needed in healthy relationships; consumerism; advocacy; mental and emotional health; relationship between nutrition and health; emergency care, first aid and home safety; disease prevention; chronic health issues; substance abuse; technology used in health services; and careers related to individual and family health ad wellness.  Family, career, Community Leaders of America(FCCLA), an integral part of the curriculum, provide opportunities to apply instructional competencies and workplace readiness skills, enhance leadership development skills, and provides opportunities for community service.


Prerequisites:  none


Pathway:  Food, Wellness, and Dietetics


Program Goals:

  • Comprehend course materials and complete work, projects, and assignments related to Human /services.
  • Obtain knowledge about family studies and consumer services from challenging curricula, acquire technological expertise required in the field, and participate in daily tasks and skills mandatory for human serve professionals.
  • Provide safe and innovative settings for student exploration and mastery of required course content.

Course Goals:

The course goal is for students to be able to take information presented in this class and use it in day to day life.


Essential Questions:

  1. What factors contribute to a healthy, diverse community?
  2. What health activities can individuals support that influence the health of the community?
  3. How should consumers react to health messages portrayed by the media?
  4. What impact does technology have on one’s health?
  5. How does one’s personal health behavior impact family life?
  6. What is the impact of personal health behaviors on the body?
  7. How can mental illness and disorders be treated?
  8. How can individuals change their eating habits to be more nutritious?
  9. How should you respond to life and death situations?



Course Outline:

  1. Community Health
  2. Consumer Health
  3. Environmental Health


    Grading System:

    • Class assignments/activities
    • Homework
    • Test Grades/Quizzes
    • Notebook Grade
    • Project Grades
    • Class Participation


Classroom Rules:

  • Students are required to follow rules as stated by ECBOE Code Of Conduct and Gaston School.
  • Classroom rules specifically relating to safety/sanitation, equipment operations must be obeyed at all times.
  • No talking while the teacher or guest speaker is speaking.
  • A disrespectful attitude will not be tolerated!


Required Materials: 

  • Notebook(provided)
  • Loose-leaf paper
  • Pen or pencil (black or blue ink only)