Bus Safety

Students, while in transit, are under the jurisdiction of the Etowah County Board of Education. All rules and regulations of the Code of Student Conduct are applicable.

  1. Refusal to obey rules as stated herein or to obey rules made by the principal will make the student liable to be reported to the school administration.
  1. Students must be at the bus stop five minutes before the scheduled bus pick-up time.
  1. Students who walk a distance to meet the bus must walk on the side of the road to their left. While waiting for the bus, students must not stand or play in the highway.
  1. Students must not attempt to board or exit the bus while the bus is in motion.
  1. Students must not extend any part of their bodies outside a bus window.
  1. Students may only exit the bus at the scheduled bus stop unless written permission is received from the principal.
  1. Students should avoid loud voices and unnecessary conversation with the bus driver.
  1. Students must cooperate with keeping the bus clean and avoid all forms of vandalism.
  1. Students may not transport materials, with the exception of books and other school equipment, without permission from the principal and/or his/her designee (balloons and/or glass objects are not allowed.
  1. Tobacco (in any form) may not be used.
  1. Students are expected to behave in a courteous manner. Horseplay is prohibited.
  1. Bus stops will be centralized whenever practical.
  1. Students must always exit the bus at the front door.
  1. Students should utilize the following procedure for crossing the highway after disembarking the bus:

-Walk to a location at least 10 feet in front of the right corner of the bumper, but still remaining away from the front of the school bus -Stop and look in all directions and when clear walk to the left edge of the school bus remaining approximately 10 feet in front of the bus -Look for a signal and in all directions, again making sure roadway is clear and safe before crossing roadway

  1. Bus drivers may assign seats.

  2. Students may not ride another bus without written permission from the principal or his/her designee.

  1. Students may not move within the bus while it is in motion.
  1. Students are prohibited from eating, chewing gum, and drinking beverages on the bus.
  1. Students may be videotaped while being transported on school buses.