Algebra II Syllabus

Course Syllabus         Algebra II



Instructor: Lee Wadsworth           Room 6


Course Description:



Algebra II includes numerous examples and exercises involving algebra, data analysis, and probability. Students will develop reasoning and problem solving skills as they study topics such as congruence and similarity, and apply properties of lines, triangles, quadrilaterals, and circles. Real world problems will be solved using length, perimeter, area, and volume.



Textbook: Algebra II; publisher McGraw-Hill.  Online link: connectED



Expectations for  class:



. Demonstrate positive, respective, responsible, resourceful behaviors at all times.

Students will be expected to use a calculator during instruction and whole class activities.

Bring supplies daily.

. Going  to the restroom: Class time is valuable and I expect you to go to the restroom before coming to class. If an emergency arrives, you may go. You must sign out and carry a specific pre-made pass with you.

.Please do not sit on top of the desk or countertops.



.Tardy Policy: You need to be in your seat prepared to work when the bell rings.

.Follow all policies and procedures outlined in the GHS student handbook.




Consequences for inappropriate behavior:



Warning, Conference with you, academic  press, Conference with parent, Office Referral (consequence is dependent on the misbehavior)



Grading Scale:  90-100% …A 80-89%...B 70-79%...C 60-69%...D







This is the breakdown for your grade.

                              Test/Quizzes                                        80%

                              Homework/Classwork /Projects       20%

                              Poster Quizzes                                     Bonus points



Quizzes and Test:



Quizzes maybe given throughout a unit to check for understanding. Test will be given at the end of a unit.




Assignments will be given and routinely checked in order to help students understand the material. Students are expected to complete assignments. Each assignment will be reviewed and discussed as a class or individually for assessment and mastery. The discussion may happen while the assignment is being completed or the next day.  All assignment  will be due on test day. Please ask questions for clarification and understanding.

Notebooks: (highly suggested)



Students should have a three ring loose leaf binder every day. The divider tad names are listed. (1) Bell ringer, (2) Notes, (3) Assignments,  (4) Test/Quizzes. Geometry has many vocabulary words and concepts (postulates and theorems). I will introduce and teach these using notes and examples. Periodically, these maybe used on a test. A formula sheet maybe used on some test.




Pencils,  lined and graph paper, folder/binder, calculator.

Classroom supplies to donate: dry erase markers, Kleenex, and paper towels.

Excused Absences and Make-up Work:



Three days per excused absence is allowed to turn in work for credit. After that time, work will be accepted if arrangements have been made between the student and me.

 Make-up test are to be made up within three days, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Notes, concepts , assignments or activities missed are available from other students, or by looking on the board  located in the back of the classroom. If you need to ask me about missed assignments, please make sure it is at an appropriate time.

Unexcused Absences:



Students may not receive points for any work missed or collected during an unexcused absence(including a test).

Extra Help:

I am available for help by appointment (5th block) and extra help is available to everyone. Tutoring is available before and after school, see me for details.

If you have any questions ,please do not hesitate to see me. I am looking forward to having each of you as students.


Lee Wadsworth

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